Sunday, December 23, 2007

2 People, One Day

To perhaps contrast the out-and-out buffoonery exhibited in my other entries, I feel that I must post something on a slightly more serious note. And this day is the perfect day to do so. For you see, I am celebrating not one, but two monumental events that just so happen to have taken place on this date in history. So raise your glass high, this goes out to the two most important people in my life.

To Ben:

In times when finding someone I could talk to was as difficult as Lindsay Lohan passing a drug test, you were always there. It’s hard for me to imagine what kind of person I would be if I hadn’t met you. You’ve taught me to look at the world with a more skeptical eye, and how to find humor in the most mundane or dark moments. I know I could never find a better friend than you. And on this slightly embarrassing (to both you and I, I’m sure) note, I want to wish you a happy birthday. So don’t screw up you’ve got a lot going for you.

To Chelsey:

Simply put: Happy anniversary. I love you more than you could know.

So on this day so close to the capitalistic clusterf*ck that is Christmas, let us not forget the things that are truly important. Whatever holiday you celebrate or don’t celebrate, make sure you take some time this season to focus on the true meaning celebration.